Few Words Before UAS

Just some few words.


I mean, I do really hate when I got ignored by people. I’m not that kind of attention seeker. But people who tend to rub me like “ah ngomong apa sih” or “kamu apa Emangnya” are suck.


Especially when it is A Girl. Oh I hate them so much.

I’m not attention seeker. But at least, People should be know how to appreciate other people when they’re talking, and they need to appreciate other before they got appreciated. And, Yeah. Don’t ask me why, I’m not a tall and handsome man. I’m more like little garden gnome in black color for them. Maybe.

And next.

Oh so, There is some few words. I don’t care where are you came from. But if you are a city boy or Girl, Gaul, And have so fucking many friends but don’t know who is Eminem. You need to do something better in life.

Seriously, not knowing who is Eminem for People in 14-30 is something abnormal for me.

And then, I’m taking my role as one of production crew on my class short film project. Nothing special here. Just another project where some people tend to be arrogant and make the others mad. And they’re mad also because they don’t know what to do to help the project. Ah. Boring.

UAS is coming, don’t ask me why I still do UAS. I ain’t even mad because December is going to be fun. And January going to be nothing-so-special. My blog theme should be renewed next year.

That’s it for now. Mobile blogging. Share happiness!


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