On Beda Pergaulan

Beda Pergaulan.

Memanggil Semua orang yang gak ditemenin karena kerap kali ngomongin hal yang gak orang lain ngerti di SMA.

Come here People.

Do You Ever Feel? Like A plastic Bag?

I’m not a huge fan of Going outside, Hangout, Nongkrong, Jalan bareng. Kinda not me, not on any way.

When I started blogging the reason is always been one, I Want to share my opinion with the world, So people could listen to my view, And I’m sharing fact beside opinion, Blog is one way to publish it, Regardless of People read it or not, Posting my opinion on my blog is always been a big relieve to my feeling. There it goes, another post on air, I actually felt better when I’ve done writing my opinion. Like a therapy, the more you done it, the more you feel better, But It is like a chemo, it won’t heal you, but it makes you feel better, at least.

My problem with Anak SMA Zaman sekarang is always been complicated, I’m more like old school kind of guy, or maybe The one who’s coming from the future. I can’t make it through their society, really.

I should find someone who has same common interest with me, I like American Sports, Tech Stuff, History, Literature, and et cetera. But nowadays the people are all about that Bass Gaul Stuff, Komunitas yang ngumpul tanpa tujuan,Hangout, Terus maniak Jepang yang hidupnya kadang bergantung sama HDD external Mereka.

People often asked me, What language are you talking in.

Well, Be myself is much more fun than being someone else.

And I’m starting to think that I’m not the only One, or I AM is The Only one.

The only possible answer is, It depends. When I was in My SMP year, It was all good time, Turning out that when people graduate, SMA does change people, Some people, I’m not saying all of them, But very few survived the Wind Of Changes.

Some people make it from Bad to Worse, Bad to Good, Or Good to Extraordinary Bad. Madness.

One Line that I should point out to all these people, Maybe simple. Stop Making Stupid People Famous. And start listening to the Good or Smart Guy. Trust me, Some people lose their confidence in Hard Work and start trusting Jawaban temen. We Either Fight the System with hard work and die because of it, or Fight the system with low work ethic and live with the bad system as nothing.

Those smart-arse people are not easy to understand, I am understand, But which one would you pick. A nice people who bring you to hell, Or the Arsehole who taught you to do good thing and bring you to winning at life and afterlife or aftermath.

I have tendency to be slow at taking decisions, But for this thing, People should easily choose the arsehole.

Some people are Baik, but they’re not Benar. Even though Some Benar should work hard and don’t give you any Baik feeling at all.

“How do you feel after working hard ?”

“I’m tired”

Start getting tired, Work hard beats talent every time, But Talent who work hard, Are Invincible.






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